Descriptions & Attributes

  • Mouldings’ Length: From 40cm To 120cm
  • Performance: Electro-Mechanical Machine
  • Power Requirements: Three Phase or Single Phase
  • Application: To Form Biscuits’ & Pastries’ Dough
  • Production Capacity: 3000kg in 8 Hours
  • Equipped with a Complete Electrical Control Panel on the Machine
  • Capable of Adjusting the Speed of Production and Trays
  • Capable of Any Kinds of Productions By Varieties Of Mouldings
  • Original Equipment and Parts from Moeller (Eaton Industries) in Germany
  • Equipped with Accurate Sugar Sprayer, Sesame Sprayer and Glaze Sprayer
  • Especially Designed to be Compatible with Baking by Industrial Cabinet Ovens
  • Absolutely Accurate & Precise Productions Without Any Errors & Without Any Wastes
  • Quality & Material of Components in Contact with Dough: Stainless Steel 316 and Phosphor Bronze

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